Abu Soma Travel Guide

General Information About Abu Soma

Located approximately 45 km south of Hurghada on the Red Sea, Abu Soma & Soma Bay are one half of the fantastically windy Kriasi Bay popular for those who enjoy kite surfing and windsurfing.  The Resort is situated on a peninsula surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters with excellent reefs & corals providing perfect sites for good snorkeling and scuba diving, soft sandy beaches and impressive desert scenery. Holidays in Abu Soma are relaxing yet a great option for families & those seeking a comfortable hotel- based holiday with loads of activities on & off the water. Apart from the stunning beaches, Abu Soma is close to amazing desert scenery making fun day trips to places like the temples of Luxor and Karnak a feasible option for those interested in exploring the culture- rich cities of Luxor & Aswan. Not to mention the day trips to Marsa Alam & Alexandria cities as well.
The sea water is highly saline and very rich in minerals which are extremely beneficial for the skin.  Together with its unpolluted atmosphere and mineral springs, the destination has acquired a reputation as a popular curative or health spa destination said to be very effective in alleviating rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

Beaches & Water Sports In Abu Soma

Beaches in Abu Soma are pristine and beautiful. Most Abu Soma hotels usually have their own private beaches exclusively available to hotel guests.   Hotels and resorts in Hurghada offer a large choice of relaxed watersports and sea related activities from snorkelling excursions to pedal boats, canoeing, and catamarans.

Wind Surfing
Abu Soma is picking up a great reputation for wind and kite surfing.  The winds in the Red Sea are created by the difference in temperature between the land and the water and Abu Soma benefits from a generally flat coastline without fringing reefs that create perfect conditions.  Abu  Soma is especially good for complete windsurfing novices or those keen to progress.

Ancient Egypt From Abu Soma

Abu Soma is a good base for sightseeing inland.  Luxor is within easy reach.  It’s often called the world’s greatest open air museum because the number of well preserved ancient monuments throughout the city and its surroundings, Luxor is close enough to make a day trip worthwhile.  Built on the ruins of the ancient city of Thebes, the City of Luxor is on the east side of the Nile with Karnak just to the north and Thebes on the west bank.  It’s a “must see” for any holiday in Egypt to view the Temple of Luxor built by Amenophis III and the Temple of Karnak. Luxor is also within easy reach of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens.

Mons Claudianus is one of the best preserved sites of Roman civilization in Egypt.  A Roman penal colony and quarry, the stones worked by the prisoners were used as building materials for the Roman Empire. The shiny black stones from Mons Claudianus can still be seen in Hadrian's Villa, in the portico of the Pantheon, in public baths and in the columns and floor of the Temple of Venus in Rome. 

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Abu Soma Holidays

The Best of the Red Sea Golf - 7 Nights Abu Soma, Hurghada, Madinat Makadi

8 Days / 7 Nights

No need to journey alone in search of the Red Sea Golf courses, because we will take you to three of the best, for an unparalleled experience.


A Golf Week to Remember - 7 Nights Abu Soma, Madinat Makadi

8 Days / 7 Nights

Enjoy two of the finest (18 holes) golf courses by the Red Sea, at Madinat Makadi Golf Resort & The Cascade Golf Course, Soma Bay.


Five in One Trip - 7 Nights Cairo, Abu Soma, Madinat Makadi

8 Days / 7 Nights

Get out the best of Golf Courses in Egypt, in one exciting trip, from Cairo, to Hurghada, Madinat Makadi, Soma Bay, to El Gouna and back.


Scuba Diving in Abu Soma, the Red Sea

Abu Soma is suitable for all levels of diving ability, from outright novice to highly experienced divers and close enough to Hurghada in the north to make it a viable “Dual Dive” all year round diving destination. The area around Abu Soma has some great diving close to the mainland as well as offshore in the areas of Panorama Reef, Middle Reef and Abu Kafan. Some divers maintain that these are just as good as the great sites of Ras Mohammed and Careless Reef.

Abu Kafan

possibly the best dive in Safaga teeming with anthias and soft corals. Superb wall diving dropping off to over 300 metres with overhangs covered in soft and black coral and frequent sightings of jacks, tuna, barracuda, reef sharks and the occasional hammerhead.

Ferry wreck "El Arish El Tor"

a Norwegian ferry that sank in 2002, she is now rich fish life and soft coral growth especially at the propellers. The paraphernalia of the wreck, like life jackets and fire hoses are still visible as none of them was needed because the ship sunk slowly at anchor with no-one aboard. A big school of yellow tail barracuda is resident on this wreck and Indian mackerel often hunt around

Panorama Reef

one of the highlights of the area, it’s a huge coral formation with walls dropping to over 200 metres. Jacks, barracudas and reef sharks often visit the area. Panorama is also the home of magnificent anemones and a stunning array of purple soft corals and a south bound current offers a thrilling drift!

Ras Abu Soma

a fringing reef sloping gently to the drop off with numerous quality dive sites where you can see schooling reef fish, octopus, resident morays, stonefish and turtles.

Sha'ab Sheer/Wreck of Al Khafein

a horse shoe shaped reef with a shallow lagoon on its south side and hard coral gardens to the east and west. Since November 2005 Sha'ab Sheer has become the resting place for the wreck of the Al Khafein which drifted into the north side of the reef after a fire in the engine room caused the crew to abandon ship.

Wreck of the Salem Express

a ferry carrying pilgrims returning from Mecca sank in 1991 after hitting the reef at night. 300 people perished and penetration of the wreck is forbidden. The propellers make an impressive sight and the covering of hard corals now colonising the wreck show the power of the ocean to make new life.

Shopping and Leisure in Abu Soma

For those who love to shop, Sharm El-Sheikh provides ample opportunities to indulge in retail therapy. Sharm El Sheikh is famous for producing jewellery, leather goods and rugs. Expect to haggle when shopping in Sharm El Sheikh! It is all part of the experience and the shop owners will be shocked if you don’t try to negotiate! The majority of shops and shopping centres are based in Naama Bay but Sharm Old Market is great for hunting out bargains. If you want real value for money you should go south-west to Dahab which is less busy and less commercialised than Sharm.

There is more to Sharm El-Sheikh than beaches, sea and shopping of course. It’s a well developed area that feels “European” with refined hotels, facilities and amenities. Sharm el Sheikh has a fantastic range of restaurants, bars and cafes to visit as well as the hotels own all inclusive menus. The market area in Old Sharm is popular for its abundance of seafood restaurants and cheap prices. For those wanting a romantic evening, head to the” On Deck” restaurant in the Iberotel Lido hotel in Naama Bay where you can dine on a pontoon overlooking the water. The Il Mercato promenade, often called “Les Champs Elysee” of Sinai close to the Iberotel IL Mercato Hotel offers a varied selection of excellent cafes and restaurants.

There’s even an 18-hole Championship golf course in Jolie Ville Golf Resort, located only five kilometres from the main hotels in Sharm el Sheikh which is open to non guests. It includes a driving range and artificial lakes and is a perfect escape for those who love the game.

Abu Soma Nightlife


Pacha is situated in the of Naama bay , and is the premier party place in Sharm El Sheikh that embodies the essence of the Pacha spirit with a twist of mystical Arabia added for pure indulgence.

Little Buddha

Little Buddha is located in the heart of Naama Bay , and being one of the hottest venues in Sharm El Sheikh, it provides its clientele with the finest dining experience, an eclectic atmosphere, sublime surroundings, and the latest sounds from around the globe.

Hard Rock Cafe

When in Egypt, knock the Sinai sand from your sandals and settle into the Hard Rock Cafe Sharm El Sheikh for a tall cool drink to quench your parched throat. The restaurant's huge guitar and sky dome act as an oasis beckoning every desert denizen to a good time. It provides a fascinating atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes.

Camel Bar

It is a two-storey restaurant/bar that offers both indoor and outdoor areas. The lower floor is an ideal venue for those willing to indulge in a drink along with lively music, while the top floor overlooks Naama Bay and offers a more relaxing atmosphere with number of sumptuous international dishes and shisha.