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Nestling on a bay on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Mersa Matruh (often called Marsa Matruh in some holiday brochures or occasionally spelled Marsa Matrouh) is less than 149 miles west of Alexandria and can easily be reached by air through Matrouh International Airport or Burg El Arab Airport in Alexandria. Whether you spell it Mersa Matruh, Marsa Matruh or Marsa Matrouh this small harbour town and the newly developed Almaza Bay Resort Complex are great places for a holiday in Egypt! 
Founded by Alexander the Great, it was used as a port by the Egyptians of Ptolemaic times, the Byzantines and the Romans.   It is justly renowned for its four and a half miles of exquisite soft white sandy beaches and the calm, gentle, azure waters of its bay which is enclosed and protected by a natural rock harbour. Almaza Bay is just a short drive from Mersa Matruh and the International airport, and is the perfect location for all inclusive Egypt holidays.   It is a relatively unspoilt and tastefully developed Egypt holiday resort that offers virtually constant sunshine and calm waters.  Mersa Matruh is well connected to other towns and cities like Alexandria and Cairo by road and rail. The town enjoys a lively, relaxed, night life and atmosphere boosted by the fact that it’s becoming popular as a get-away for residents of Cairo escaping the capital city’s sweltering summer months.
During World War II, the railway station named Marsa Matruh was the terminus for the British 8th Army’s single-track railway which shipped men and material to El Alamein, where Rommel’s offensive against the allied forces in the western desert ultimately ground to a halt.  Rommel's Cave, which the Desert Fox used as his staff headquarters, is also close to the town and has been converted into a museum.

Beaches, Sports & Leisure in Mersa Matruh – Almaza Bay

Mersa Matruh is second only to Alexandria in terms of importance and size in the north of Egypt.  It’s located at the western end of the 310 miles of the “White Coast”, named for the clean and beautiful marble white sands that stretch along the fringes of the Mediterranean Sea. The beaches in Mersa Matruh are truly stunning, unspoilt and relatively uncrowded. Cleopatra and Anthony fell in love on these beaches and it’s said that Alexander the Great stood on the sand and asked the waves about his destiny. 
The beaches of Mersa Matruh and Almaza Bay are all enchanting, pristine and idyllic.  Ageebah Beach west of Mersa Matruh and features numerous natural caves and enchanting scenery.  Al-Abyad Beach has a beauty  that surpasses even the beaches of Mersa Matruh itself beach and the Gharam (romance) beach is especially captivating.
 Unlike resorts on the Red Sea, Mersa Matruh is not a year-round sunshine destination however temperatures still average around 22° C from April to October and peak at 34° C in July and August.  Thanks to its position on the coast there is always the benefit of cooling sea breezes.  Despite the development at Almaza Bay, Mersa Matruh is nowhere near as built up as some Red Sea resorts and still retains an air of tranquillity.
Diving in Mersa Matruh is not as developed as other locations such as Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada, as the diving on the Mediterranean coast is much more seasonal than the year-round resorts on the Red Sea.  However, there are a wide range of commercial diving schools and summer clubs with PADI qualified training staff have sprung up around the Almaza Bay area and in Mersa Matrouh itself.  There are several impressive wrecks lying off shore.

The leisure facilities at Mersa Matruh and Almaza bay will ultimately include one of Egypt’ largest championship golf courses.  Egypt is already popular with tourists due to its beautiful landscape and exceptional sightseeing attractions and having hosted  events like the European Challenge Tour and the European Seniors Tour featuring golf courses like La Residence des Cascades, Egypt is now being taken very seriously  as a golf destination. 

Ancient Egypt & History In Mersa Matruh

Despite it being a relatively recent addition to Egypt’s holiday destinations, Mersa Matruh has a rich history, ancient and more modern.  Ramses II built a summer palace here more than 3,000 years ago which was the epitome of luxury compared to the cave used as Rommel’s Afrika Korps headquarters during the Second World War. During the Ptolemaic period Mersa Matruh was known as Paraitonion and in Roman times the area was called Paraetonium and there are a number of monuments and remains that that date back to the Roman and Greek periods. 
290 km along the coast towards Cairo (about three hours by road) is Alexandria, known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean".  This great city was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC and became the capital of Graeco-Roman Egypt.  It was also home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World with the Pharos lighthouse standing astride the harbour mouth until it’s destruction in an earthquake. It’s here too that the stormy relationship between Cleopatra and Mark Antony developed and where Napoleon landed at the start of his campaign in Egypt.

Within few kilometres of the centre of Mersa Matruh lie the remains of Cleopatra's Palace, next to her famous baths and the Ptolemaic Egyptian Fleet Anchorage with the remains of its naval installations.  Facing the city is Rommel’s Cave, originally cut by the Romans to store grain.  The former HQ for General Erwin Rommel’s push against the British in North Africa, the cave is now a museum that contains some of the brilliant Afrika Korps commander’s belongings including his compass, photographs, maps and clothing.

The museum also gives details of the battle of El Alamein, where Montgomery and the British 8th army finally turned the tide against Rommel in World War II.  Excursions to the site of the El Alamaein battle are also available. Visitors can also see British Cemetery where thousands of rock hewn tombstones stand in rows amidst a fenced garden, the German Cemetery which is an impressive memorial built on a high bluff overlooking the
sea and the high hill fort of the Italian Cemetery.

Shopping in Mersa Matruh

There are several international brand name and retail outlets adjacent to the Almaza Bay hotel complexes with a host of specialty restaurants and night spots, a movie theatre and a world class conference centre.  

More adventurous tourists can sample the shopping possibilities in Mersa Matruh itself.  The town has long been regarded as a trade centre for the nomads of the Western Desert where they can sell their handmade artefacts and livestock.  You’ll find a large number of bazaars displaying souvenirs and items from Egypt and Libya alike at good prices and high quality.

Jewellery, especially gold items, is astonishingly good value for money sometimes selling for what seems like just a little over the price of the metal itself.  Clothes and shoes can also be incredible value while leather items are generally very good value with standards of workmanship just as high as the quality of the leather.

Jaz Almaza Beach Almaza Bay, Egypt

Jaz Almaza Beach Resort nestles on the Mediterranean Sea, just 38 km east of Mersa Matruh on the northern coast of Egypt.

Jaz Crystal, Almaza Bay Almaza Bay, Egypt

Jaz Crystal Resort is Jaz Hotels, Resorts & Cruises second major development in Almaza Bay, opened only as recently as May 2009.

Jaz Oriental Resort Almaza Bay, Egypt

Jaz Oriental Resort is another major new development in Almaza Bay on Egypt’s north Mediterranean coast, alongside the recently launched Jaz Crystal Resort and the Jaz Almaza Beach Resort.

Almazino Almaza Bay, Egypt

Almazino Hotel signifies the perfect blend of comfort and style; being located in Almaza Bay on Egypt’s north Mediterranean coast, only a walking distance from one of the most fascinating...

Jaz Oriental, Almaza Bay Almaza Bay, Egypt

Jaz Oriental Club is located on a beautifully landscaped 23,000m2 piece of land in Mersa Matruh, to become one of the most beautiful Egyptian resorts.

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Until about the late 1960’s Sharm El-Sheikh was just a quiet fishing community but increasing investment has made the “City of Peace” one of the best known and most visited Egypt holiday destinations. Sharm El Sheikh offers sun, sea and sand with luxury five-star hotels, water sports and some of the finest Red Sea diving as well as shopping and entertainment. It’s a vibrant and lively resort with just about all the amenities you’d expect of a well developed tourist centre including casinos, discos and nightclubs, golf courses and health clubs, camel riding, desert safaris and nearby antiquities to visit.

Scuba Diving in Almaza Bay, the Red Sea

Sharm El Sheikh lies at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula in the Red Sea. It offers a variety of dive sites from reefs and walls to wrecks. The climate is hot, the water is warm and clear, and the reefs are covered in life. Diving is readily available everywhere and there are nearly fifty dive Centers in the region. More Europeans learn to dive here than anywhere else in the world and diving is ideal for beginners. Whatever your experience, dive Centers require you to do one local dive before they will take you on a boat trip in order to give you an opportunity to orient yourself to Red Sea diving.

Shopping and Leisure in Almaza Bay

For those who love to shop, Sharm El-Sheikh provides ample opportunities to indulge in retail therapy. Sharm El Sheikh is famous for producing jewellery, leather goods and rugs. Expect to haggle when shopping in Sharm El Sheikh! It is all part of the experience and the shop owners will be shocked if you don’t try to negotiate! The majority of shops and shopping centres are based in Naama Bay but Sharm Old Market is great for hunting out bargains. If you want real value for money you should go south-west to Dahab which is less busy and less commercialised than Sharm.

There is more to Sharm El-Sheikh than beaches, sea and shopping of course. It’s a well developed area that feels “European” with refined hotels, facilities and amenities. Sharm el Sheikh has a fantastic range of restaurants, bars and cafes to visit as well as the hotels own all inclusive menus. The market area in Old Sharm is popular for its abundance of seafood restaurants and cheap prices. For those wanting a romantic evening, head to the” On Deck” restaurant in the Iberotel Lido hotel in Naama Bay where you can dine on a pontoon overlooking the water. The Il Mercato promenade, often called “Les Champs Elysee” of Sinai close to the Iberotel IL Mercato Hotel offers a varied selection of excellent cafes and restaurants.

There’s even an 18-hole Championship golf course in Jolie Ville Golf Resort, located only five kilometres from the main hotels in Sharm el Sheikh which is open to non guests. It includes a driving range and artificial lakes and is a perfect escape for those who love the game.

Almaza Bay Nightlife


Pacha is situated in the of Naama bay , and is the premier party place in Sharm El Sheikh that embodies the essence of the Pacha spirit with a twist of mystical Arabia added for pure indulgence.

Little Buddha

Little Buddha is located in the heart of Naama Bay , and being one of the hottest venues in Sharm El Sheikh, it provides its clientele with the finest dining experience, an eclectic atmosphere, sublime surroundings, and the latest sounds from around the globe.

Hard Rock Cafe

When in Egypt, knock the Sinai sand from your sandals and settle into the Hard Rock Cafe Sharm El Sheikh for a tall cool drink to quench your parched throat. The restaurant's huge guitar and sky dome act as an oasis beckoning every desert denizen to a good time. It provides a fascinating atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes.

Camel Bar

It is a two-storey restaurant/bar that offers both indoor and outdoor areas. The lower floor is an ideal venue for those willing to indulge in a drink along with lively music, while the top floor overlooks Naama Bay and offers a more relaxing atmosphere with number of sumptuous international dishes and shisha.