Siwa Travel Guide

General Information About Siwa

With an ambience that is genuinely relaxing, Siwa, An oasis of surprises in a stunning desert landscape, is the true magical place to be. It’s one of the most mysterious of all Egypt's oases, and is also the most fascinating. Its history has not only been shaped by all major civilizations, but also by the contrast of the surrounding desert with the lush soil of the oasis setting.

Come and experience the delights that Siwa has to offer. Climb through the ruins of the old city for magnificent views of the whole oasis. Walk, hire a bicycle or ride in a caretta (donkey cart) to the outlying sights  and bathing places. Take a dip in one of the many cool and refreshing springs . Taste traditional Siwan food. Enjoy a truly unforgettable and unique cultural experience. Or you wonder in its traditional souks (markets) making new friends and drinking too much tea. Siwa has it all; you just need time and an open mind to explore it.

Siwais legitimately a place for thrill seekers and safari enthusiasts. Picture yourself sleeping in the desert's enormous sand dunes under the moon and the stars, warming by the fire andis legitimately a place for thrill seekers and safari enthusiasts. Picture yourself sleeping in the desert's enormous sand dunes under the moon and the stars, warming by the fire and sipping on their special green tea as your traditional Siwan dinner is being cooked. That isn’t all, as you will be enjoying Siwan music while lying under the stars. You can also relax in Bir Wahid , an amazing hot water spring and after, cool off in the breathtaking cold water spring. Take a walk back in time into ancient Roman tombs and search for remains from the times of the Pharaohs.

Siwa, historically known as Palm Land, is the home to a diversity of relics and untouched culture due to its remoteness and isolation from modern day community. Though relaxing and certainly now a part of the tourist community in Egypt, it is very traditional, and visitors should keep this in mind when traveling to the area. It celebrates the prosperity and diversity of its culture during the annual Tourist Festivals that are held annually.

Siwa Tours

Siwa Attractions

Gebel El Mawta

Gebel El Mawta (Mountain of the Dead) guards the northern entrance to the Oasis. Tombs from the Twenty-sixth Dynasty, Ptolemaic, and Roman periods are cut into the side of the mountain.

Siwa Souk

Siwa Souk or Siwa Market is famous for its highly priced jewelry.

Arag, Baharein,Setra,Nawamess Oases

Accessible by 4WD, these two oases are located amongst the sand dunes on the track between Siwa and Bahareya Oasis. The visitor seeking adventure should not miss this excursion. Mummies and ancient pottery are easily found among the numerous rock tombs.

Bir Wahid

Hidden amongst the sand dunes, camping and bathing in this natural hot spring is one of the delights that visitors should not miss.


The springs of Siwa are famous throughout the Western Desert. Most of them are surrounded by palm groves and some have interesting histories as Cleopatra’s hot spring.

Temple of the Oracle

Built during the twenty-sixth Dynasty, the temple and its Oracle flourished well into the Greek and Roman periods. It is believed that Alexander the Great wished to consult the Siwan Oracle to seek conformation that he was the son of Zeus, the Greek God of Gods.

Gabal El Dakrour

This mountain is most famous for the treatment developed for rheumatism and arthritis. Sand baths are taken during the hottest months of the year.


Founded in the thirteenth century, the original layout of Shali was conceived with defense in mind. It was built on a hill inside a protective wall originally breached by a single gate.

Siwa Holidays

Mini Safari - 2 Nights Cairo, Mersa Matruh, Siwa

3 Days / 2 Nights

Three days of excavating the Egyptian Sahara, in a fun and professionally equipped safari.


North Coast of Egypt - 7 Nights Cairo, Alexandria, Mersa Matruh, Siwa

8 Days / 7 Nights

Experience the North Coast of Egypt in an exciting road trip from Cairo to Alexandria, passing by Alamein to Marsa Matruh to Siwa and more.


Scuba Diving in Siwa, the Red Sea

Sharm El Sheikh lies at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula in the Red Sea. It offers a variety of dive sites from reefs and walls to wrecks. The climate is hot, the water is warm and clear, and the reefs are covered in life. Diving is readily available everywhere and there are nearly fifty dive Centers in the region. More Europeans learn to dive here than anywhere else in the world and diving is ideal for beginners. Whatever your experience, dive Centers require you to do one local dive before they will take you on a boat trip in order to give you an opportunity to orient yourself to Red Sea diving.

Shopping and Leisure in Siwa

Siwa Nightlife


Pacha is situated in the of Naama bay , and is the premier party place in Sharm El Sheikh that embodies the essence of the Pacha spirit with a twist of mystical Arabia added for pure indulgence.

Little Buddha

Little Buddha is located in the heart of Naama Bay , and being one of the hottest venues in Sharm El Sheikh, it provides its clientele with the finest dining experience, an eclectic atmosphere, sublime surroundings, and the latest sounds from around the globe.

Hard Rock Cafe

When in Egypt, knock the Sinai sand from your sandals and settle into the Hard Rock Cafe Sharm El Sheikh for a tall cool drink to quench your parched throat. The restaurant's huge guitar and sky dome act as an oasis beckoning every desert denizen to a good time. It provides a fascinating atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes.

Camel Bar

It is a two-storey restaurant/bar that offers both indoor and outdoor areas. The lower floor is an ideal venue for those willing to indulge in a drink along with lively music, while the top floor overlooks Naama Bay and offers a more relaxing atmosphere with number of sumptuous international dishes and shisha.