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General Information About Taba

If a simple hippy lifestyle is what you are searching for, then come and visit this serene city. Situated approximately 200 kilometers from Sharm El Sheikh , Taba is a charming resort ideally positioned to meld beautifully into the overwhelming untamed desert, the natural backdrop of unspoiled mountains, and the pulsating sea.

Its magnificent tranquil atmosphere makes it the perfect sanctuary of your dreams; and its splendid surroundings are complemented by a diversity of lavish hotels to provide an unrivalled experience combining comfort and leisure.

Taba is abundant with water sports that include windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing, sailing, and canoeing. Its extravagant location makes it the perfect place for snorkelers and divers who seek a sensational adventure in exploring the prosperous natural marine life. It’s also home to one of the world’s most colorful diving sites .

For non-divers, the hotels in Taba offer plenty of other activities, such as golf, water-sports, camel rides, quad bike rides and boat-trips. A visit to the stunning landscapes of the Sinai Desert is a must while holidaying in Taba, as is a traditional Bedouin dinner under the stars. Taba is ideally placed to explore the fascinating historical sites of the area, being at the point where Egypt, Israel and Jordan meet. Visit the stunning St. Catherine Monastery , climb the majestic peak of Mount Sinai  or take a trip to Pharaohs' Island .

With the peaceful beauty of its Bedouin camps offering simple accommodations with unbeatable views of the sea, Taba will be the place where you get in touch with yourself and others.

Taba Tours

Taba Attractions

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai consists of a group of peaks, often known as the Holy Mountains. However, it is also the biblical name of the peak on which Moses received the 10 Commandments. Mount Moses is considered to be where Prophet Mohammed's horse ascended to heaven, giving it religious significance to Islamic believers. The peak can be reached by climbing the steps leading up to the top, or by following a winding path that runs east from the monastery. The steps pass the Fountain of Moses.

Pharos’s Island

Just a few kilometers south of Taba, at the very top of the Gulf of Aqaba and just a few hundred meters from the coast, lays Pharaoh's Island. Pharaoh's Island is one of the most blatantly picturesque spots in the entire gulf. It is also the location of a Crusader fortress originally built by Baldwin I, the King of Jerusalem. From the top of the fortress, one can see four countries, including Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

St. Catherine Monastery

Situated approximately 1,570 feet above sea level at the foot of Mountain Moses, the center of a significantly valued pilgrimage, St. Catherine is considered one of the four most sacred monasteries in the Middle East. In 342 A.D., Empress Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, formerly known as the Virgin, built a monastery at the site of the Burning Bush where it is believed that Moses received the 10 commandments. In the 6th century AD, Emperor Justinian I ordered the construction of the church of Transfiguration, in addition to a high enclosure wall with towers armed with Roman Soldiers to protect the monastery from Bedouins. Both the monastery and the church were later called St. Catherine. In the monastery lies a diversity of picturesque sights to visit; the enclosure wall surrounding the monastery was built from granite stones at an approximate height of 15 meters. On the northern side of the monastery rests the Great Church encompassing two aisles and a central nave. The nave ends with an altar near a reliquary of marble that contains the relics of St. Catherine. The monastery incorporates one of the most significant religious libraries in the world containing a massive number of rare historical manuscripts and decrees of various Caliphs and rulers. It also includes the Well of Moses north of the Great Church, in addition to the Burning Bush Well and St. Stephen’s Well to its south.

Taba Holidays

Scuba Diving in Taba, the Red Sea

The benefit of diving from Taba is that you have access to the reefs around Taba and those of Eilat in Israel, which is only a short distance away. Many of the dives are shore dives. One of Taba's main attractions is Pharaohs Island, with the ruins of a 12th Century fort built on top of it, built to protect pilgrims on their journey from Jerusalem to St Catherine's Monastery, and to levy taxes on Arab merchants. The fort was later occupied by Crusaders and then taken under control by Sultan Salah El Din. The reefs surrounding the island make good dive sites. There is also Nabq National Park of that extends over 600 square kilometres and is home to a selection of wildlife including herons, storks, foxes and gazelles.

Angel Net

This site is the home for an abundance of marine life, consisting of two main coral reefs with a 10m grassy strip between. This spectacular site got its name from the remains of a tangled fishing net, now home to a great variety of marine life. A large 14m pinnacle attracts lots of pink alcyonarians and scale fin anthias, amongst others.

Coral City

This site is considered an invitation for unlimited exploration of the enchanting colorful underwater life. It has huge Brain and Mountain corals that support many Lion Fish, occasionally Stone Fish and tiny Silver and Glass Fish.

Marsa El Muqabila

The absence of the current makes this site perfect for beginners, as you can descend and ascend easily. It also marks the ideal first dive for new arrivals to Taba, with a good range of fish, calm waters and few currents. A resident school of yellow-tailed barracuda can often be seen patrolling the reef ledge, and giant puffers, blue spotted rays and turtles are regular visitors. To the south east of the mooring, a deep sinkhole awaits experienced divers.

Maxwell's Reef

If you want to get introduced to the true meaning of an astonishing diving experience, then you have to dive in Maxwell’s Reef. This dive site is a seamount starting at 12m, which drops away to approximately 60m. There are some fantastic table corals and large population of anthias, with red toothed triggerfish and bat fish frequent finds.

Picasso Reef

The Picasso Reef is famous for the rare and beautiful Picasso Tiger Fish that can be encountered there. It is an underwater mountain located about 200 meters from the sea shore. The dive leads down to 24 meters to huge table corals some 10 meters across with Eagle Rays and Great Barracuda passing by. On a level of 12 meters, the terrain is full of fish.

The Aquarium

The Aquarium isn’t just the name of this diving site, but it was meant to describe it too, as a wide variety of marine life can be observed. It’s also suitable for all divers as many dives can be done from Discover Scuba and Bubble maker for the non-certified, to Shark Dive Nights and Distinctive Specialty Shark Awareness Courses for the certified diver.

The Fjord

It resembles the perfect place for boat diving. It’s an unusual site featuring a huge well in the reef. This is lined with soft corals and two of the most stunning red anemones, complete with several anemone fish and large shrimps. Outside the well, pristine hard corals decorate the sloping reef. It’s divided into sections: the Fjord hole which you can find at a depth of 16 meters and its maximum depth is 24 meters, in addition to the Fjord Banana which is a shallow reef that is banana shaped and has a lot to explore. Its maximum depth is 12 meters.

Shopping and Leisure in Taba

For those who love to shop, Sharm El-Sheikh provides ample opportunities to indulge in retail therapy. Sharm El Sheikh is famous for producing jewellery, leather goods and rugs. Expect to haggle when shopping in Sharm El Sheikh! It is all part of the experience and the shop owners will be shocked if you don’t try to negotiate! The majority of shops and shopping centres are based in Naama Bay but Sharm Old Market is great for hunting out bargains. If you want real value for money you should go south-west to Dahab which is less busy and less commercialised than Sharm.

There is more to Sharm El-Sheikh than beaches, sea and shopping of course. It’s a well developed area that feels “European” with refined hotels, facilities and amenities. Sharm el Sheikh has a fantastic range of restaurants, bars and cafes to visit as well as the hotels own all inclusive menus. The market area in Old Sharm is popular for its abundance of seafood restaurants and cheap prices. For those wanting a romantic evening, head to the” On Deck” restaurant in the Iberotel Lido hotel in Naama Bay where you can dine on a pontoon overlooking the water. The Il Mercato promenade, often called “Les Champs Elysee” of Sinai close to the Iberotel IL Mercato Hotel offers a varied selection of excellent cafes and restaurants.

There’s even an 18-hole Championship golf course in Jolie Ville Golf Resort, located only five kilometres from the main hotels in Sharm el Sheikh which is open to non guests. It includes a driving range and artificial lakes and is a perfect escape for those who love the game.

Taba Nightlife


Pacha is situated in the of Naama bay , and is the premier party place in Sharm El Sheikh that embodies the essence of the Pacha spirit with a twist of mystical Arabia added for pure indulgence.

Little Buddha

Little Buddha is located in the heart of Naama Bay , and being one of the hottest venues in Sharm El Sheikh, it provides its clientele with the finest dining experience, an eclectic atmosphere, sublime surroundings, and the latest sounds from around the globe.

Hard Rock Cafe

When in Egypt, knock the Sinai sand from your sandals and settle into the Hard Rock Cafe Sharm El Sheikh for a tall cool drink to quench your parched throat. The restaurant's huge guitar and sky dome act as an oasis beckoning every desert denizen to a good time. It provides a fascinating atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes.

Camel Bar

It is a two-storey restaurant/bar that offers both indoor and outdoor areas. The lower floor is an ideal venue for those willing to indulge in a drink along with lively music, while the top floor overlooks Naama Bay and offers a more relaxing atmosphere with number of sumptuous international dishes and shisha.