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Classical Muscat
Our classic city tour, a superb introduction to Oman. Our Muscat city tour will guide you around this fascinating capital city where you will be given a marvelous insight to the culture and history this unique destination offers.
From Past to Present
We take you to Nizwa, the old capital of the ‘Interior of Oman".  Visit the fascinating fort at Nizwa as well as marvel at the markets and traditional silverware which can be bartered and purchased.  Bahla and Jabrin forts will also be visited.
Muscat by Night
See the contrast of Muscat by night, then enjoy a sumptuous Indian meal at the Mumtaz Mahal with its commanding views over the city. 
Omani Delights
Enjoy traditional Omani cuisine and authentic hospitality as we take you to what is best described as a ‘Genuine home-made Omani Experience’.  Culinary delights specially prepared and an inspiring visit to the owner's personal and private Museum, where you will find a fine collection of exclusive Omani artifacts and original treasures relative to the Omani history.
Dhow Dreams
Sail along the coastline of Muscat on a traditional Omani Dhow boat - relax, sit back and enjoy!  A delightful way to spend the late afternoon just before the sun sets for the day.
Marine Marvels
Sailing the early morning seas to catch a glimpse of the amazing dolphins and whales populating the Gulf of Oman is the best possible way to start your day.  A morning to remember indeed with great photographic opportunities!
The Best of Oman
Whether you enjoy dune bashing with our experienced drivers in the powdery desert of Wahiba Sands, or want to luxuriate in the waters of Wadi Beni Khaled, this day out is for you! Pass by the old city of Ibra, a sign of years gone by with excellent photographic opportunities of the savage mountain scenery.
Grand Canyon, Oman Style
Accompany us to the Grand Canyon of Oman, 3000 metres high.  En route we will visit Nizwa Fort and market. We will also take you to Misfah, a picturesque mountain village.  Whilst making our way to Gebel Shams (sun mountain, also known as Grand Canyon) you will be able to see the ‘terrace farming’ of Wadi Ghul.  Stunning views await you at the top of Gebel Shams.
Wild Wadi Bash
Let us take you to Sur via Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Shab.  Enjoy the emerald and aqua marine waters of the coastline as you make your way to the ‘sinkhole’. Visit Bibi Miriams tomb and pass by the local small villages where tradition is definitely in tact and would appear like life has stood still in time.  Time permitting a stop at one of the untouched silver sand beaches along the coastline.
Green Mountain
Enjoy a drive to Birkhat al Mous (Banana pool); stop at the banana plantation for a walk around before driving through the winding roads finally leading you to Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain) 2000 metres above sea level.  The cool and comfortable climate at this altitude as well as the spellbinding views and scenery below is simply breathtaking and not to be missed. Lunch included.
White Wadi & Nakhl
We visit the oasis village of Nakhl where built into the mountain you will find the Nakhl Fort.  The hot springs of Nakhl surrounded by the village life is a gentle reminder of the old traditions and ways of life the Omani’s still consider important. You will see the Bedouin ladies carrying their water vessels on top of their heads as well as the small children taking their daily bath in the fresh water springs.  Terrace farming will be seen in Wakan Village.  Next stop will be the Wadi Abhyad (white valley) in your 4WD.
Dubai Overday
A glorious opportunity to travel overland to Dubai.  See the contrasting scenery as you make your way to the United Arab Emirates from the Sultanate.  Light lunch included and an overview of the city as well as some shopping time before returning back to Muscat overland.
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